Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where in the World Have you Been?

So OK. It really looks like I dropped the ball on this whole project, I know. But here's what has been happening since the last post. In February 2010 I was accepted into the NIH K12 career development program for rehabilitation researchers. This amazing opportunity required a 2.5 year move to Gainesville, Florida where I am working with a neuroscientist to study sensory processing disorders in autism. I've been taking classes, running projects, working with students and trying to see just how far I can expand my brain. So...try to not to be too angry that the 2010 Ghana trip was cancelled because lot of good stuff is coming out of this training.

I am going to be Gainesville for one more year and then hopefully back to Virginia Commonwealth University where I will attempt to resume the Ghana OT Study Abroad trip. I have already begun contacting some of friends abroad and looking into how we can get re-connected. Really hoping to do some work at Beacon House and also to get back to the Volta Region. Maybe will write a grant in the mean time to try and get funding for the trip; you know because our economy is in such good shape that they are just handing grants out like candy nowadays (yeah right!). Will post more as things develop.


Stephanie said...

Stacey, this is great news! I'm so glad to hear it! I look forward to having you back at VCU and working with you on the OT program in Ghana once again :)
-Stephanie Davenport

Jeremy Cohen said...

Hi Stacey! Was just Googling 'Ghana blogs' and came across your post. Do you happent to know Darryl Harper or Dave Greennagel at VCU? Darryl and I did our graduate work together at New England Conservatory of Music, and Dave is a colleague of his (and yours!) to whom I gave some Ghana travel advice before his first trip there a few years back.

Also, it sounds like you spent some time in the Volta Region. Awesome! Where were you and what were you doing there? I ask because I direct the ThisWorldMusic/UMass Amherst Drum & Dance Study in Ghana program. Our students have the opportunity to live in the Ewe village of Kopeyia, studying traditional West African drumming and dance with local artists at the world renowned Dagbe Cultural Institute & Arts Centre.

Feel free to email me at: jcohen at thisworldmusic dot com.

leehuck said...

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