Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where in the World Have you Been?

So OK. It really looks like I dropped the ball on this whole project, I know. But here's what has been happening since the last post. In February 2010 I was accepted into the NIH K12 career development program for rehabilitation researchers. This amazing opportunity required a 2.5 year move to Gainesville, Florida where I am working with a neuroscientist to study sensory processing disorders in autism. I've been taking classes, running projects, working with students and trying to see just how far I can expand my brain. So...try to not to be too angry that the 2010 Ghana trip was cancelled because lot of good stuff is coming out of this training.

I am going to be Gainesville for one more year and then hopefully back to Virginia Commonwealth University where I will attempt to resume the Ghana OT Study Abroad trip. I have already begun contacting some of friends abroad and looking into how we can get re-connected. Really hoping to do some work at Beacon House and also to get back to the Volta Region. Maybe will write a grant in the mean time to try and get funding for the trip; you know because our economy is in such good shape that they are just handing grants out like candy nowadays (yeah right!). Will post more as things develop.