Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby on Board

Ok, so one of my personal goals for this trip was to learn how to wrap and carry a baby on my back. The women (and girls) in Ghana do this with such ease and grace (usually with something balanced on their head at the same time); I have just always wanted to be able to learn this skill. Well, the kids at the Sunday feeding program were eager to teach me, but as you can see from the picture above, the baby was not so willing. He was pretty freaked out by the white Americans and became quite distressed at being strapped onto my back. Oh, well, maybe next trip I can find a more willing baby and practice my skill a bit more!


Bang Del said...

Hi Stacy... I'm coming to visit your blog my dear friend. Glad to know you. By the way your blog is so cool and sweet. About that picture, well I guess you've got what you have to learn. It's so funny you know :) I love Africa, sometimes I wonder how they can live with their life. Once I watch movie like Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda and I feel sorry about them. But I don't know, I've got nothing to do to help them. Happy blogging and God Bless You Stacey.

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