Saturday, November 29, 2008

Five is Enough

Well, the trip is on! I knew when it came down to people actually committing (financially) for this trip that the numbers would be low; but I said, as long as I got at least 5 people on board I would make this happen. Well five it is; and five invested and dedicated students (along with one ambitious professor) will certainly be enough to make at least some small impact on the world, right?

There is a lot to do and I am beginning to get very excited. We will be working with Eric Anan from Sovereign Global Missions ( and volunteering at two schools for children with disabilities in the Accra region. There are materials to gather and ship along with travel arrangements to be made; but there is plenty of time...

On another note...Ghana is having an election on December 7th 2008; just a few days away. The two dominant parties are very closely tied in the race and there is some threat that either or both parties may sacrifice optimal moral behavior in order to gain the majority vote. Given the strife that has accompanied so many elections in Africa over the past year (Kenya, Zimbabwe) I am hopeful that Ghana is able to continue their position as one of Africa's model democracies.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey,

I wish I could have made it on the trip, I hope that you plan another trip before my class graduates so that I may have another opportunity to experience something so powerful!